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This blog is dedicated to all things Brencer. Feel free to submit anything Brencer related you wish. I do not own anything on this blog unless specified.
This blog is still pretty much under construction, and I haven't ever run a somewhat public-y blog like this before, so please bear with me!

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And right after the interviewer mentions that Brendon and Spencer look at each other for reassurance, Brendon gets about three inches from Spencer’s face like “Yeah we do, don’t we Spence? Don’t we?" with that stupid grin that says "I’m either expecting a swat on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper… or a scratch behind the ear, because I’m a good boy…sometimes.”

I’ve really been enjoying doing these little brencer scenario things! I’ve found actually writing a whole damn fic is a little challenging for my attention span, but these I love! Anything else you wanna send me? :)

-Hannur xo

Anonymous Asked:
can you write something about Brendon and Spencer having a 4th of july party at their place, and then after all the guests leave it's just the two of them? i dunno, i'm not very good at coming up with scenarios.

My answer:

I’m not too clued up on 4th of July parties (seeing as I’m british) But I can give it a go from what I know!

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brendonboydurl Asked:
when it's really hot, brendon complains a lot and basically strips down to nothing, and the only person that can make him feel better is spencer (of course equipped with popsicles and/or ice cream), and one day spencer accidentally eats the last popsicle so brendon gets "upset" and tackles him and kisses him. (it sounds rly cute u know)

My answer:

It sounds really cute indeed! Aw, lemme give it a go!

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sailorspencer Asked:
for the prompt thing, would spencer wearing panties for brendon be too much. If it is I'm sorry and I can send another one

My answer:

It’s not something I’ve really read or written before, but I can give it a go!

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I’ve seen other people do it, and it’s something I’d love to try to do. I haven’t written anything in ages… so how ‘bout some of you guys send me little scenario headcanon-y things and I’ll try to write a teeny tiny oneshot thingy? I’m in the mood to try and write things and ofc, I want those things to be brencer related! 

Much appreciated if you do! Need a little somethin’ to do :)

-Hannur xo

spenceriero submitted to brencerlove

i did not write this, but i found it last night and i couldn’t stop smiling and yeah, i just thought i’d submit it as a rec or something, hope that’s cool

Oh my god, this is seriously one of the cutest things ever :”’) Glad you shared it with us!
(it even had a couple of pictures I haven’t seen before! Amazing.)

-Hannur xo


live chat @ billboard 01.31.11

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that was the lamest kiss ever brendon

do better

maybe spencer can help him out

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Tomorrow is one of my best friends in the world’s birthday and he plays drums for us his name is Spencer James Smith. So I’d like to dedicate this song to him now because he’s such a sexy bastard. Happy Birthday, buddy, you made it. This song is called Always. [x]


Brendon Urie: Professional heartbreaker. {x}

concernedwentz Asked:
hey~ i was wondering what video you got the gif at /post/58615279120 from? i'd really like to see it!! B)

My answer:

Oooh, this gif?

After a little while searching through YouTube for performances where they’re wearing the same clothes, and going through loads of different versions of the clip, I have found it! It’s from when Panic! performed The Ballad Of Mona Lisa on Conan on the 28th March 2011!

The video is here and the specific bit you’re looking for pops up around the 4:13 mark!

I hope I have got what you were looking for! ;’)

-Hannur xo


Vices and Virtues week: I love these guys so much I can’t even speak

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ruthvsreality Asked:
Okay but spencer furiously ignoring the fact that he's in love with Brendon for about six years

My answer:


This is why we can’t have nice things

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Anonymous Asked:
Brendon uries laugh can cure any illness. Okay bye

My answer:


I have no regrets.

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