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This blog is dedicated to all things Brencer. Feel free to submit anything Brencer related you wish. I do not own anything on this blog unless specified. Suggestions to content are always welcome! If anyone is willing to help me run this blog too, the position is always open! Just hit me up with a message and we will see what we can do! ~BrencerLove

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Anonymous Asked:
I love your blog :) Sometimes it hard finding good Brencer shippers sometimes.

My answer:

Aw, thank you so much! And I know the feeling. The whole reason that I made this blog was because I couldn’t find one just centred around Brencer myself. :)

-Hannur xo

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It’s late, and I wanted to write some soppy-as-hell brencer shit, so here it is.

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make me choose
spacehomesick asked: v&v era or too weird era


Brendon Urie and Spener Smith of Panic! At The Disco live at La Cigale, Paris France. on Flickr.


seth is doin’ stuff with mermaids, xe made me do this. kind of.

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it was important for my soul that I drew this

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more werewolf/vampire boyfriends bc this au indefenseofspence is writing rn hurts my heart and i always like an excuse to draw gigantic fluffy dogs

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bonus, after spencer receives a snapchat of brendon wiggling his butt in the shorts:


So I did a shitty little brencer drawing because I felt bad for flooding this tag with non brencer related thing


Honest album art.

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