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This blog is dedicated to all things Brencer. Feel free to submit anything Brencer related you wish. I do not own anything on this blog unless specified. Suggestions to content are always welcome! If anyone is willing to help me run this blog too, the position is always open! Just hit me up with a message and we will see what we can do! ~BrencerLove

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Brendon: “What’s your favorite Pokémon?” Charmander. Didn’t think I knew one did ya?

his face tho

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The fact that he’s laughing at something Spencer’s said is really so cute


Hey look, I drew you a lil Spence and Bren for your blog !


"pinned ya."

more for kami indefenseofspence's vampire/werewolf au bc i'm in love with it tbh. spencer is a Fierce Werewolf who loves his brendon and i'm just stupid over the idea that spencer is just a gigantic puppy around his boyf. <3 (i relate to wolf!spencer on a spiritual level tbh. i am also a grumpy werewolf who becomes a puppy around his significant other.)

also, two pics in a row with backgrounds!!! what on earth is going on!!!!! things are getting Wild at blinkbackbones dot tumblr dot com

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This melts my heart


i met somebody in a sea of people, and that’s just what i believe in

 Spencer giggled, settling his hands on Brendon’s hips, thumbs tracing circles into them. Brendon curled his legs around the others waist, making sure to be careful of his dorsal fin (he didn’t want to harm it, there were already plenty of little rips and tears), feet just barely submerged in the water. He kissed him again, running a hand through his hair, front to back, finally settling on the back of his neck.

  He nibbled on Spencer’s lower lip a little (though Spencer couldn’t do the same, what with his pointed teeth and all), kisses growing more passionate, more desperate and needy for touch. Spencer cupped his cheek, pulling away, blue eyes darkened.

  Brendon took a moment to look at the beautiful merman in front of him. With the darkened sky, leaving them together in the night, circles going down Spencer’s sides - well as his freckles - glowed brightly, illuminating the area and water around them. He honestly couldn’t help but want to kiss him more, want to touch him more, just want, want, want  Spencer. He kissed him harder, rougher, needier, slinging his arms around his neck, deepening the kiss until Spencer was the one pulling away to breathe, and he had gills. Brendon’s cheeks were flushed red, eyes darkened with lust, and oh man, for a fish, the sight of him made Spencer’s mouth go dry.

for seth officialbrencer, along with all the wip’s in case anyone is interested in those. i didn’t know i liked merm!au’s until now.


rydens be like ‘SPENCER HASNT BEEN IN THE BAND FOR A YEAR GET OVER BRENCER!!!!’ yet they still think that 90% of the songs on too weird to live too rare to die and vices & virtues are about ryan

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They look better in person I swear

Each was done in about 2 hours with an ice tea break in the middle, with my friend the 6B pencil and the back of my A level sketchbook

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Anonymous Asked:
I love your blog :) Sometimes it hard finding good Brencer shippers sometimes.

My answer:

Aw, thank you so much! And I know the feeling. The whole reason that I made this blog was because I couldn’t find one just centred around Brencer myself. :)

-Hannur xo

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